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Baby Powder Can Cause Cancer?

on June 24, 2015


It’s true, according to this study by the National Institute of Health. They concluded “that there is a significant association between the use of talc in genital hygiene and risk of epithelial ovarian cancer”.

Alarmed? So was I, so I did some more digging.

Apparently the issue is that talc mines and asbestos deposits are frequently located close together and the talc can be contaminated by asbestos, causing all kinds of problems. According to the FDA, it is “unacceptable for cosmetic talc to be contaminated with asbestos” but they also say “cosmetic products and ingredients…do not have to undergo FDA review or approval before they go on the market”. While the FDA did conduct a study from 2009-2010 and tested 4 cosmetic labs’ talc for asbestos (these labs came up asbestos-free), they don’t regularly check any cosmetics for anything, including possibly asbestos-infected talc. The American Cancer Society says there needs to be more research done on pure, asbestos-free talc to see if there is a risk for ovarian cancer from pure talc.

Baby talcum powder container.

I use baby powder every single morning to keep my sensitive parts dry and happy during the day, and on my daughter, too. No one is regulating this product to make sure these talc mines are in fact located a safe distance away from asbestos deposits and no one is doing regular check ups on products already on the market to see if they are safe. It is up to the companies to govern themselves and to abide by FDA regulations, but the FDA will only step in after being provided with proof that something is contaminated or harmful. I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly trust a business to govern itself.

What’s a girl, and momma, to do? The answer is either cornstarch or arrowroot powder. You can either use them pure or grind herbs into the powder for scent and the healing components of the different herbs. Katie the Wellness Mama has a good suggestions of herbs she uses. I plan on just using plain since I don’t have a diaper-bound kiddo anymore.


So I ordered my arrowroot powder yesterday and it should be here soon.

Do you use powder? Are you concerned about the non-existance of checkups on the mining and production of talc and talcum powder?


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