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Organize Recipes with Pepperplate

on June 12, 2015

A huge key to being able to eat well is to eat and home and be able to prep. Wrestling with piles of paper recipes, juggling Pinterest boards, and searching through your bookmarks is no way to do it.

You know by now how much I adore Door to Door Organics. I have discovered that if I don’t meal plan based on what’s coming in my order, veggies and fruits get forgotten about and go bad. I was going crazy trying to organize what I have and search for new recipes so I can use new veggies I don’t usually cook with (like kale and eggplant).

But I have made a great discovery. Pepperplate. It  may have just saved my cooking sanity.

There is a website and an app for my iPad. The website has a bookmarklet that allows you to import recipes from other sites directly to your Pepperplate collection. You can also add some manually if you have hand-me-down recipes (like my great grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe).

My recipes sync throughout my devices and I can categorize them (so I can do a search for chicken or gluten-free or desserts or whatever other tags I decide to add), add them to menus for the week, and use them to make shopping lists. You can also adjust the recipe down to 1/4 of the original or up to 2x the original specifications.

It has been a cooking lifesaver.

What do you use to collect and organize your recipes? Have you gone digital?


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