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We’re a Fitbit Family!

on June 9, 2015

Last year I had a Fitbit Ultra given to me by a friend that I loved… until it fell apart. It functioned, but only in the extra clip and it made it too bulky to wear in my bra (and I didn’t always have pockets). I hadn’t had the money to dive in and purchase a new one until I just decided that I needed to be more active and wanted something to help me.

A few weeks ago Hubbyman and I went to Best Buy and each got a Fitbit. I chose the One because I really can’t stand stuff on my wrist for an extended period of time. I almost never wear bracelets and hate watches, so a clip on monitor was what I needed.  I purchased the Fitbit One for me, the Charge HR for Hubbyman since he doesn’t mind things on his wrist.

They have been really fun so far. We can see how much sleep we’re getting, how restless we are (or aren’t), and we have competitions to see who walked the most steps or climbed the most amount of stairs.

Babykins was so jealous of these nifty little trackers; she was dying to know how much she was moving, too. So I gave her my Ultra. She has been obsessed with making that little activity flower grow. She counts the petals and always wants to know if she has more than me (she usually does).

Do you have a fitness tracker?


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