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One Bite at a Time

on May 28, 2015

If you’re anything like me, you’ve stepped into the wellness world and had a mini panic attack at everything that you “should” be doing.

This lifestyle is a journey, not an overnight conversion, and can be done with simple steps a few at a time.

Here are my favorites that I’ve incorporated into my life the last year, and some of these options have even saved me money!

  1. Hydrate


Everybody knows you’re supposed to drink like a million ounces of water a day (or at least that’s what it feels like sometimes). It’s hard when you don’t enjoy the nothingness taste of plain water. I’ve found, though, if I have iced tea I’ll drink it all day long, and I do. I bought a half-gallon jug and make tea (with a sprinkle of stevia) with Lipton Cold Brew bags every morning at work. All day long I’m filling my cup with something I enjoy that isn’t made of chemicals (like a soft drink) or extra servings of sugar (like juice). There is caffeine but according to my box there is 10mg per 8oz serving (compared to 95mg in 8oz of coffee) so all day I’m getting a steady low dose drip that keeps me alert and hydrated.

If you have kidney stones, speak to your doctor about drinking a lot of black tea because it can possibly exaggerate an already existing kidney stone issue.

  1. Breakfast


It’s another one of those things everyone knows is good for them, but one I have always struggled with.

I don’t get hungry right away when I get up, nor am I a morning person. I always hit the snooze until the very last possible minute. So to combat my morning anti-hunger I have been on the smoothie train. I throw some combination of whatever fruit is around, usually bananas, frozen strawberries, mangos, peaches, and this last week blueberries since they came in my Door to Door Organics box, with about a cup or so of nut milk (usually almond or coconut), a spoonful of vanilla Greek yogurt, a scoop of protein (switching from whey to hemp this week), and maybe some maca powder or some ice, depending on how I feel or if I remember.

I drink it in the car on my morning commute and it’s pretty fulfilling.

If I feel especially ambitious (usually on the weekend) I’ll try to throw some kale or spinach or something else greem in there too. Jamba Juice makes Fruit & Veggie Smoothie kits which run around $3.00 for 2-8oz smoothies, the ingredients list can be found here. It’s not too bad of a list for a frozen kit from a chain, in my opinion, and it’s still a better option than a chocolate chip muffin or a doughnut.

  1. Personal Hygiene


I have been switching to products I can make myself as much as possible, partly because it’s better for me and partly because it’s more cost effective.

I use this recipe from DIY Natural for body wash, which includes castile soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s Almond), raw honey, and some oils. I always feel super clean when I’m done and it smells amazing! And like they say on DIY Natural, it lathers great for shaving, too.

For my teeth I use this tooth powder instead of commercial toothpaste, and I try to oil pull when I remember (my morning mouth is always less when I’ve oil pulled the night before). The cost is like a dollar per batch and it lasts a while!

I wash my face with either just water, raw honey, or if my skin is really dry like it was this winter I’ll oil cleanse with almond oil. I very rarely wear makeup, so I don’t need to clean much off my face at the end of the day.

Sometimes I’ll do a honey mask while I brush my teeth at night, and I always use witch hazel as a post-wash toner and finish off with some avocado oil or calendula-infused almond oil to replenish moisture.

I haven’t found a “natural” shampoo/conditioner combination I like yet that is affordable, so for now it’s Pantene or Dove or whatever is on sale at Costco. There are suggestions about using baking soda in water or castile soap as a simple shampoo and diluted apple cider vinegar as a rinse, but with my long curly hair, it just doesn’t work as well for me. So if you find something just isn’t for you, don’t panic. Go back to what does work and keep researching until that time when/if another option appears.

I also make my own lotion and lip balm (my last batch of lip balm made 25 tubes and the supply has lasted almost 18 months!) and they are great, too.

  1. Don’t waste what you have!


What if you JUST went to Bath and Body Works and bought 3 bottles of soap? Or have a just opened tube of toothpaste or brand new bar of face soap? No worries, just use what you have and when it’s gone, replace it with better. There is no need to throw everything out and start over. Or you can take the unopened containers to a shelter or food pantry to help those less fortunate. Either way, don’t be like me and think you should scrap everything you have. It gets expensive and sad.

  1. Prepare


(Sorry, not sorry. I couldn’t help but think of Scar!)

This is the hardest part. You don’t realize how much easier all of this can be if you just prepare! Meal plan and keep a good stock of your most used items so you don’t run out. I base the week’s meals off of what is coming in our Door to Door Organics box and I always make sure I have a good supply of castile soap and raw honey.

If we keep taking baby steps, who knows where we’ll be in our wellness journey a year from now!

What baby steps have you taken to make your life more natural?


3 responses to “One Bite at a Time

  1. So how do you like oil pulling? I’ve been meaning to try and I always forget. I’ve heard great things about it.


    • I really like it when I remember to do it. First it tastes good! I really like the taste of coconut, although the texture is weird at first while the oil melts. The most benefit I’ve noticed is less bad taste when I wake up in the morning, and if I’ve been doing it and then slack off I notice I’ll get a canker sore within a day or two, so me that signals it’s doing its job and removing the bad bacteria.


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